Duplex Boards (180 - 450 gsm)

 Duplex Board is a kind of paperboard, also named grey back board where the top coated in white and reverse in grey. It is produced by using various kinds of imported wastepaper forming into different layers which turns out to a perfect board for printing and packaging.

We have multiple ranges of duplex boards;

  • WB (White Back) from 230gsm – 450gsm
  • HWC (High Weight Coated) from 230gsm – 450gsm
  • LWC (Light Weight Coated) from 230gsm – 450gsm
  • UNC (Un Coated) from 230gsm – 450gsm
  • EP (Easy Pack) 170gsm

 White back board / Triplex board which also follows the same process but the reverse in white which is considered as a premium duplex board. Available GSMs are from 230gsm to 450gsm.

This products is used various applications:

  • Notebooks
  • Matchboxes
  • Gift boxes
  • FMCG packaging
  • Covers & Shopping Bags
  • Confectionary packaging (cake carton, biscuit carton, tea/coffee cartons etc..)
  • Shoe boxes

Other Board Varieties

Poly Boards (Sun Dry Board)  1 mm - 4 mm


  • Diaries
  • Calendars
  • Hard Cover Books
Smart Boards (Machine Board)  1 mm - 3 mm


  • Jewel Box
  • Photo Album
  • Rigid Box
Grey Boards (220 gsm - 500 gsm) Machine Deckle (162 cm)


  • Shoe Box
  • Fire Work Packaging
  • Cone
Chip Boards (220 gsm - 500 gsm) Machine Deckle (162 cm)


  • Paper Plates
  • Tubes & Fire Works
  • Core

MG Varieties

MG or Machine Glazed is an uncoated paper with shiny appearance on one side and a slightly rough surface on the other side. It combines high tensile strength properties with smoothness and shine for excellent printability. MG is an ideal base paper for a vast range of packaging solutions.

The Range of the MG papers are;

  • White & Color Poster
  • Plain & Ribbed Kraft
  • Calendar
  • Hard Tissues


  • Poster
  • Notice
  • Paper Bags
  • Tissue
  • Envelopes
  • bakery pouches

MF Varieties

Machine-finished paper which has been dried in contact with the drying cylinders on the paper making machine to create smoothness and uniformity on both sides.

Machine Deckle (232 cm)
  • Cream Wove
  • Super Maplitho
  • Colour Papers
  • Azure Wove & Azure Laid
  • Super Cream Wove
  • Maplitho


  • Note Book
  • Text Books
  • Calendar
  • Corrugation Box

Ribbed Kraft

Ribbed Kraft is machine glazed superior quality kraft paper. The paper is used in the food packaging industry.

Machine Deckle Varieties Of Ribbed Kraft
  • Sandal Ribbed
  • Orange Ribbed
  • Envelope Ribbed
  • Golden Yellow Ribbed
  • Prime Ribbed
  • Star Chakra Ribbed
  • SS Prime Ribbed


  • Bakery Pouches
  • Bread Bags
  • Gift Wrapping Paper
  • Envelopes
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