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Duplex Boards (180-450 GSM)

Duplex Board is a kind of paperboard or cardboard, also named grey board, due to its double side grey color. It consists of two layers, or plies. The exterior one side of the board often being coated with a bright white appearance, to give it a glossy sheen and to make it more water resistant.

Machine Deckle – 285 Cm

  • Grey back
  • White Back

Grey Back

Grey Back is a multilayer Paperboard which is fully coated on top side with a glossy surface for Superior Printability.

Uncoated Grey Back: - The Uncoated grey Back Duplex Boards is a Key Material for the Production of inner Box. It provides low white surface. This product is used in a wide range of application

  • Inner Match Box
  • Apparel folding
  • Gift Wrapping
  • Shoe Boxes

Coated Grey Back: - This Product is coated with high grade material which provides strength and sturdiness which is used for covering high quality products. Types of Coated Grey Back

  • HWC (High Weight Coated) - 230- 450 GSM
  • LWC (Light Weight Coated) - 200-450 GSM

This product is used in various applications

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agarbati,
  • Sweet Boxes,
  • Crackers

White Back: 230- 450 GSM

White back duplex is the premium duplex paper board which made of high graded recycled pulp and best quality surface treatment. White back duplex board the visible layers are made of white virgin waste. These coated duplex boards are perfect for covering of high-quality products as their surfaces shiny and dust proof. These boards are coated with high grade material which provides them strength and sturdiness. This is more costly paper board for valued product packaging.

EASY PACK (FBB) –> 230 - 400 GSM

  • Food Packaging
  • Wedding Greeting Cards,
  • Paper Cups
  • FMCG Packaging